Personality Type #23: The Show-Off

Image by: Charlie Balch


The Show Off personality type is the character that always needs to be in the limelight, and prefers an audience at all times. He’s always trying to impress, though other people tend to get tired of his theatrics. He’s rather selfish, and immature. He has a hard time listening, especially to another’s problems. He has no problems expressing himself, though sometimes he can overdo it.

Character Quirks:


This character doesn’t often “act his age”. He has a hard time deeming which behaviors are appropriate for his age group, and can sometimes annoy his friends.


He doesn’t take criticism particularly well, and he fears disapproval.


The Show Off personality type isn’t a character that can be relied on. If someone asks this character for a favor, the Show Off will likely let him down.


This character will sometimes do things that other characters wouldn’t. However, he usually does these things to get attention.


He doesn’t take the time to consider the thoughts and feelings of others. He puts himself first, and
generally only minds his own needs and wants.

Seeks Approval

The Show Off personality type looks for reassurance. He likes to know that he’s doing the right thing, and that he’s on the right path… even if he isn’t.


The Show Off is a people person. He feels very comfortable speaking to others, and expressing himself. He likes to stand out from the crowd.


This character is very open with his thoughts and beliefs. He’ll say what he’s thinking regardless of what other characters might think.

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