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Personality Type #9: The Unlucky


This personality type generally takes the role of the “fall guy“. He has a bad habit of being far too trusting, and therefore is often found in the wrong place at the wrong time… with the wrong people. He tends to be more introverted then extroverted; a follower, not a leader. He’s generally friendly, nonjudgmental, and good-humored.

Character Quirks:


This character doesn’t judge others. He believes that everyone is good in their own way, and so he sometimes trusts the wrong people.


The Unlucky personality type doesn’t reach very high in his goals. His interests remain small, and he’s content with a “day job“.

Lack of Judgment

This character makes the wrong decisions, often with good intentions.


Although this character isn’t stupid, he is naive. He remains innocent, in spite of the bad things happening around him. He’s generally unaware of corruption that may be present in his surroundings.


This character can stay generally light-hearted in spite of his misgivings.


This character sometimes gets victimized, or  bullied.


This personality type is never the leader of the group. He follows the crowd, and is susceptible to bad influence.

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Personality Type #8: The Eccentric


This personality type stands out from the crowd, and may even seem strange to “normal people”. He’s often characterized by odd thinking, and peculiar ideas. His beliefs don’t often follow the norm of society, and he’ll often do his best to avoid being influenced by others. Sometimes he can appear indifferent. His level of curiosity is much higher than average, which sometimes can result in a high level of intelligence, or genius.

Character Quirks:


People of the Eccentric Personality Type don’t conform to the rules. They live by their values
always, and they don’t follow trends.


This personality type believes that life should be lived as he wants to live it, and only as he wants to live it.


This character is very open with his thoughts and beliefs. He’ll say what he’s thinking regardless of what other characters might think.


The eccentric personality type is usually the character that attains “conspiracy theories“. He often assumes that people are talking behind his back, and that they might be conspiring against him.


This character is highly curious, much more so then the average person.


This personality type often experiences symptoms of anxiety. He often feels paranoid, or worried.


This character has an unusual way of speaking, eating, dressing, etc..

Strange Beliefs

An eccentric person will often believe in magic, ghosts, etc.. He often gets preoccupied with a false reality; fantasy and daydreaming.

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Personality Type #7: The Creative


This personality type flourishes because of ideas and creative concepts. He enjoys bringing these concepts to life. He has an extraordinary ability to adapt to most situations, and is skilled in the way of working with what he’s given to achieve his goals. He sees the world in ways that most characters fail to, and he finds ideas and beauty where most wouldn’t. His creative self provides great meaning to his life.

Character Quirks:


This character adapts well in most situations. He takes change better then most, and carries the ability to work with the tools he’s given to achieve his goals.


The Creative personality is usually excited about his work, his ideas, and the people around him.


This character has a good work ethic, in the projects he’s passionate about. He’ll often devote several hours to a project or piece without exuding stress. He usually puts out an aura of freshness, peace, and enthusiasm.


The Creative Personality Type is usually very self-oriented. He’s happy, even energized, when he’s alone. He enjoys solitary activities such as writing, reading, drawing, etc..


A fun attitude and a light heart is typical of the Creative personality.


That “playfulness” is usually accompanied by a quality of perseverance, and responsibility. This usually happens when the Creative personality is “in the zone”. For instance, when an author is working on his novel.


The Creative Personality Type tends to have a less “rooted” sense of reality. He sometimes has a tendency to daydream, or slip into another reality.


While the Creative character is often proud of his work, he usually doesn’t flaunt it. In fact, when talking to a creative person, one is likely to run into self-depreciation and shyness, though this isn’t the case with all creative people.

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