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Personality Type #14: The Masculine


The Masculine personality type puts masculinity first. He’s very dominant, and he has a fear of weakness. He can sometimes appear fairly one-dimensional because he only allows certain traits and emotions to emerge. He’s ambitious, aggressive, and adventurous. He sometimes comes across as harsh, and portrays exaggerated masculine characteristics. He pursues bold and risky jobs.

Character Quirks:


The Masculine character is often demanding and strong-willed. He sometimes appears hard, or cruel.

Fears weakness

His has a fear of weakness–of any sort. He dislikes the idea of appearing fragile.


The Masculine personality type frequently yearns for some source of adrenaline, or excitement. To find this source, the character will often do things that other characters would be scared to.


This character always has a need to win. He often gets angry when he doesn’t.

Lacks Originality

The Masculine personality type isn’t particularly creative. He conforms to the general “norm”.

Overly Masculine

He pursues only “male-oriented” interests, and purposely exaggerates his masculinity.


He doesn’t have very many “layers”, and tends to be fairly easy to figure out.

Rejects emotion

The Masculine character keeps most of his emotions bottled up inside; he regards them as a weakness.

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